Synchronization of 32 metronomes


Jen mentioned an experiment with metronomes which go gradually in sync with each other. Here is a link to a video about the experiment.


4 Responses to “Synchronization of 32 metronomes”

  1. Loudon Says:

    This is awesome! Feedback is such an important concept in both physical and biological systems. In our Wednesday performance the feedback was through our hands, brains, mouths, ears, brains, heart, arteries. Here the feedback is through the metronome shakey table and into the other metronomes. If I were to repeat this experiment with 12 metronomes in a circle it would very much be a physical representation of our biological experiment.

  2. Danilo Chaves Says:

    Here’s a video explaining how that happens.

    • loudonstearns Says:

      Thanks Danilo, we should try this out! I wonder if we could get two microcontrollers to sync up in a similar way. The math for loosely coupled simple harmonic motion isn’t that bad, physical modeling of that sort is used regularly in synthesis. It might be interesting to explore…

  3. Augmentationist Interanational Says:

    Awesome! and so very relevant to Loudon’s performance.

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