PHATT B: Pratt ’s Department of Digital Arts


avatar_bf5420436c26_128Pratt ’s Department of Digital Arts will host a one-day festival celebrating the Brooklyn digital arts community.

The festival, “PHATT B – A Celebration of Digital Arts in Brooklyn,” will include a series of panel discussions with artists, curators, and writers working in new media and digital arts, workshops on art and technology and an exhibition.

Pratt Institute’s Myrtle Hall (Lecture Room)
215 Willoughby Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11205

Saturday, September 21, 11:30am-1:00pm

Augmented Reality
Chair: Meredith Drum(Artist, Department of Digital Arts at Pratt Institute)
Panelists: Teri Rueb (Professor of Media Studies at SUNY Buffalo), John Craig Freeman (Manifest AR and Professor of New Media at Emerson College), Sarah Drury (Professor in New Media at Temple University) and Phoenix Toews (Developer and CTO of Augmented Mountain)

As the technical capacity of our handheld devices has increased, and new augmented reality software has made production more accessible, there has been a corresponding surge of mobile AR projects produced by artists concerned with place and situation. In what ways are these artists seeking to refocus our time and attention in virtual and actual public spaces? And, considering the limitations of mobile devices (small screens, limited sound quality, jumpy GPS), how do they aim to shift our experience and alter our relationship to cultural/social phenomena and other bodies—other humans, animals and plants, architectural objects, natural phenomenon and visible and invisible machines?


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