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Danilo Chaves:

J Chia:

Asher Coffield:

Nick Corsano:

Hannah Engelson:

Emily Hofelich:

Wade Kimbrough:

Chris Lee:

Samira Norouz Nasseri:

6 Responses to “Previous Work”

  1. Augmentationist Interanational Says:

    Loudon, Do you know Dawn of Midi, ? Although this sounds like generative digital music it is humans playing conventional instruments.

    • loudonstearns Says:

      Yes, they are fantastic. I think it is awesome that Jazz trios are so on top of this music. The Bad Plus, another awesome Jazz trio, plays an amazing version of Aphex Twin “Flim” a paragon of ambient electronic music. In that tune the drummer is forced to imitate the digital glitches that Aphex Twin originally added to the song. I love the feedback generated: There was an original piece of music, Aphex Twin takes it and cuts out little pieces to create glitchy ambient music, The Bad Plus do a live cover of it and imitate the glitchy edits. So many layers and still aspects of that original music are retained. This type of sampling is beautiful and respectful to the original artist. I would say that this type of usage of intellectual property is a type of artistic and creative archive that really should be encouraged. This particular example, to me, highlights the need for artists to really consider the license they apply to their works, and to teach each other about the need to consider licensing and future use of their works. I think it is our responsibility to create a set of ethics that is not based on governmental laws, but on our personal and collective artistic values. Then, with this established, reassess laws and work to align the laws with the artist’s aims. Sorry for the tangent, but digital artwork and “ownership” is an incredible topic, one that I hinted at in my piece “as a clock” but no one took up the conversation. My personal feeling is that I encourage my work to be reused in any way possible. The more it is used, the more my influence on the world, and the stronger my culturally-embedded archive is. –I just coined that term, too much intellectual-speak?

  2. isitagiraffe Says:

    Danilo, a friend used to code for these guys, a small start up working on full body psychovisual manipulation (hand sets, head sets, dome)

  3. isitagiraffe Says:


  4. Chris Lee Says:

    Really interesting work, guys. So, I haven’t completed much in the realm of new media. I started working on a basic platform video game last year but scrapped it due to time constraints. For now, I suppose I can just post links to my vimeo ( and flickr ( Thanks.

  5. nicholascorsano Says:

    I’m much in the same boat as Chris. Much of my work can be found here ( The only thing I have done In terms of new media is a video installation this past semester.

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