Hannah’s Pre-Presentation


Here are two links that Hannah wants to share with the class. She is using Sophie Calle partly as inspiration for her class project. It would be nice to look into the artists work before the class on Monday.

Read more about Sophie Calle.

In Suite Venitienne (1979), Calle followed a man she met at a party in Paris to Venice, where she disguised herself and followed him around the city, photographing him.



9 Responses to “Hannah’s Pre-Presentation”

  1. loudonstearns Says:

    Thank you for introducing me to Sophie Calle’s work. I found it very helpful to search through her work with a google image search as the starting point.

  2. loudonstearns Says:

    Why is so much of her photography in black and white?

    • Augmentationist Interanational Says:

      It seems weird to have to say it, but before photography was digital, not so long ago, if artists wanted to handcraft their work, black and white was the obvious choice. Color required critically controlled conditions, the chemistry and paper spoiled easily, it was expensive and toxic. Most importantly, a silver print will outlast a color print by decades. This, incidentally is still the case, even with the best printing technology. We won’t get into the debate about the longevity of file formats here.

      • loudonstearns Says:

        Longevity may not be her reason, but it does have a bearing, since she seem to be trying to “prove her own existence” with some of her work. Does she only exist as long as the proof exists?

    • Hannah Says:

      An interesting question Loudon. I’m not sure why she chooses black/white vs color. I know some of her more recent work is in color (for example, Exquisite Pain http://mocoloco.com/art/archives/001270.php)

      In my research I don’t recall ever hearing an explanation. I would consider her a conceptual artist first, a photographer second. The form her work takes is discussed less than the concepts behind it.

    • isitagiraffe Says:

      b/w adds to sense of surveillance for me

    • Chris Lee Says:

      I wonder if part of the reason is that black and white film has the greatest degree of latitude, which would allow her to shoot in a variety of lighting conditions while still retaining an acceptable level of detail in the photos. Unless, of course, she is shooting B&W slide film instead of negative..

  3. loudonstearns Says:

    Is TRUTH essential to your work(it isn’t for mine, but seems to be for her’s).

    Is HONESTY essential to your work(that isn’t necessary for mine either, but again seems to be for her’s).

    Are you comfortable exposing yourself in such an intimate way? (this would be tough for me, I hide behind stories, she is exposing herself through them)

    If you create works this personal:

    How will you respond to people judging, critiquing, talking about, and reviewing your finished work? Will it feel like people are judging, critiquing, talking about, and reviewing your own life? ( I wouldn’t be comfortable with that sort of magnifying glass held up to my own life)

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