Projection Mapping


Per our discussion on this topic a few weeks ago. Here are some excellent examples:

Or click here for a new cool example by Bot & Dolly.


7 Responses to “Projection Mapping”

  1. loudonstearns Says:

    @Wade, what software have you used for projection mapping? Any suggestions for those looking to get into it?

    My experience is limited to using Max/MSP/Jitter, which is too cumbersome to learn for most. My buddies that run show visuals have used these software packages in the past(in order of preference):Arkaos, Resolume, MadMapper in conjunction with Syphon, and Lesser used, but seemingly quite good, is Modul8.

  2. loudonstearns Says:

    The Amon Tobin ISAM tour took projection mapping to the NEXT LEVEL, really when it came out it blew everything away, and not much has come close since. Here is some info about it:

    First on Peter Kirn’s awesome Create Digital Motion site.

    And secondly, on the site of the company that makes the software they use, a PC only package.

  3. wadekimbrough Says:

    I don’t have much experience with projection mapping but I have seen someone use Unity3D and it worked out really well. That’s what I would use.

    Telenoikia created/uses I am not sure if they still offer as a software but they created it with the open frameworks language. (update: I just went to their website and it has changed a ton. I’m not sure if the software is available or not anymore).

    My suggested workflow: If I needed to create something I would use 123D catch to model whatever I was projecting onto and then put that model into Maya/Blender and then Unity. The Unity Forum should have some posts on what software and hardware to use in conjunction with their engine. (update:

    If you look at the last link that I posted- click here- it shows a really new and cool use for projection mapping. I am not sure how they did this but I am guessing that they either preplanned it and programmed the movements with the machines in the background or they used a kinect?

  4. wadekimbrough Says:

    So more on my workflow.

    If you recreate the object that you are projecting onto with 123D catch and then bring that into Unity, you can then place your camera in Unity at the same distance and angle from the object as you are placing your projector. Then you can just change UV and other textures on the object. The camera will record and then put it out through the projector.

    Let me know if you need more info.

  5. loudonstearns Says:

    That a great workflow for creating the content, and is exactly how my buddies go about it using Maya and blender.

    For the projection stage though, it might be best to have something designed for the task. Mainly it is an issue of setup precision, making sure the projector is exactly the correct distance and angle from the surfaces is impossible, the projection must be calibrated on site. Projection mapping software allows you to calibrate the projection precisely on location with a mouse or touchpad; you align corners of the projection to the corners of the surface you are projecting on to. Then the software warps the projection to match the surface precisely. The more intricate the surface you are projecting onto is, the more necessary this is.

    Then these softwares also allow for a wide range of interactivity based on sensor inputs. They also have a wide range of effects built in to make creating an interesting visual quickly…

    This might not be as essential for a fixed instillation, but if you are planning a touring show you need the ability to adapt to different places, particularly height of projector and distance from objects.

    I LOVE projection mapping! Particularly onto intricate buildings. Check out the Berlin festival of lights, was there last year, so cool!

  6. loudonstearns Says:

    @Wade, thanks for posting these videos, very cool stuff!

    This is probably my favorite projection mapping piece, it is some early technology, but I love the use of negative space. The interactivity with the dancers and way it is used, for me, is far more poetic than most projection mapping pieces I have seen.

  7. loudonstearns Says:

    @Wade. Projection mapping would be awesome in the Black Box

    Run a camera feed from somewhere in the audience back to a projection on the other side of the room;add some controls to manipulate the camera view. Comment on the constant surveillance we are under, every one of us is watching every other one. Maybe run a facial recognition algorithm that adds dots and circles around the faces. pointing them out, but blotting out the faces– or swapping the faces if possible!

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