Akram Zaatari


“Working in photography, film, video, installation, and performance, Beirut-based artist Akram Zaatari has built a complex, compelling body of work that explores the state of image-making today. One of the founders of the Arab Image Foundation, which aims to track down and preserve photos from North Africa, the Middle East, and Arabic communities around the world, Zaatari collects, examines, and recontextualizes a wide range of documents—from found audiotapes to family photographs to videos found on YouTube—that testify to the cultural and political conditions of Lebanon’s postwar society. His artistic practice involves the study and investigation of the way these documents straddle, conflate, or confuse notions of history and memory”.
-MOMA website


Here is a link to one of the artist’s projects, “28 Nights and a Poem”.

“Mr. Zaatari has built a career on exploring historical narratives through documentary materials including old photographs, audiotape and film, and he also uses contemporary materials like smartphone videos and YouTube clips. In 1997, he was a founder of the Arab Image Foundation, a conservation and research institute that has preserved about half a million professional and amateur photos from the Middle East and North Africa, chronicling personal and public histories”.
Read more: “Letter to a Refusing Pilot”.


One Response to “Akram Zaatari”

  1. Augmentationist Interanational Says:

    This is a great example of how you might approach an installation of your work Samira. I like how Zaatari plays with concepts of the self-referential and remediation.

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