Chris’ Presentation


To prepare the discussion for my project, I would like everyone to start thinking about the relationship between sound and space – more specifically, the sonic events that may have occupied a specific space at a previous time. Perhaps, you can think of a particular space you are fond of (don’t worry, I won’t quiz you on this). Close your eyes and remember your experiences there. What sounds do you hear? How do they define the space for you? How might a stranger hear that same space?

Below are some pieces that address the relationship between a space and sound. Please, don’t feel obligated to read through all of these pages. You may simply skim through them to get an idea and check out the accompanying videos. Also, feel free to post anything that inspires you. Thanks.

Teri Rueb – Drift

Music for Forgotten Places

Sonic Graffiti

Forgotten Songs


I’m adding a link to a blog post discussing psychoacoustics. Because my project will incorporate sonic elements conveying various emotions, I think it’d be helpful for the class to start thinking about pitch (in both music and speech) and its ability to affect our perception of mood. It’s a pretty quick read and should be accessible for those who do not have a musical background. Definitely check out the recordings link for further clarification. Thanks.

Music and Speech Share a Code…


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