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“FIGMENT is a free celebration of participatory art and culture where everything is possible. On December 31, 2013, FIGMENT Boston will join First Night Boston, the nation’s oldest celebration of New Year’s Eve, for a special “event within an event.”  First Night is attended annually by more than 250,000 people who come to celebrate the arts in downtown Boston. FIGMENT Boston’s summer event has been a huge success over the last four summers, showcasing the work of hundreds of local artists and performers, with approximately 20,000 visitors in 2013. This will be FIGMENT’s first collaboration with First Night, and our largest nighttime event ever. FIGMENT First Night will take place on the northeast corner of the Boston Common.  Framed by the dramatic backdrop of the Massachusetts State House, the site is ideally located near the Park Street MBTA station and dozens of major attractions.  At First Night, FIGMENT will serve as one of the anchors of the activities on the Common, along with the family fireworks, a music stage, ice sculptures, and the end point of the First Night Parade.  The FIGMENT event will take place from 7:30 PM on Tuesday, December 31st, 2013 to 12:01 AM on Wednesday, January 1st, 2014.

Submit a Project

FIGMENT First Night event will offer funding to selected projects.  Funding will range from $250-$2500 per project.  Projects that do not request any funding are also welcome.


5 Responses to “FIGMENT: Submit proposals”

  1. loudonstearns Says:

    I am quite interested in applying for this Call for projection Mapping on St. Paul Cathedral during first night Boston. Here is the call for artists:

    Scroll down to page 7 for details on the projection mapping on the cathedral.

    The proposal is due by Nov 1st.

    We would be responsible for projector rental(would be a good opportunity to figure out what types of projectors are needed). with a budget of $1500

    They don’t mention supplying models of the building, but I think that would be key.

    Looks like a cool project, and I would love to try for something. I think the important part is our theme. Remember this is first night, the new year, so something like rebirth would be good.

    Here are the tenants of “Figment” this is their philosophy, So in designing a theme we should try to cater to these 11 points:

  2. loudonstearns Says:

    I have contacted the FIGMENT group and asked about a 3D model of the Church, how much of the Church we can project on to, and asked about the possilibity of bringing in additional lights to coordinate with the projection(lighting up the columns perhaps).

  3. loudonstearns Says:

    The downtown buildings link on this page includes a rough 3D model of the cathedral and neighboring buildings in a variety of 3D formats:

  4. asherface Says:

    In class I kept thinking of the theme of community. I walked past the church before coming to class and saw a sign that promoted an end to gun violence. Doing a little research on the church themselves, they promote themselves as a “house of prayer for all people”. I see this particular church as a potential sign of community caring and involvement. I think a possible theme might be “peace through unity” or “harmony through collaboration”.

    In keeping with the theme of rebirth that you wanted to touch on Loudon, the idea of coming together to create something new and whole comes to mind. The image of the nautilus shell comes to mind. There are all these shapes that fit together to form this one image. In our projection, we could have lots of different shapes or images coming together to form one. A sort of rebirth or creation of something new through the coming together of several different parts and ideas.

    So, in a nutshell (or seashell…) – Harmony + Community. Through collaboration, we can create something new and beautiful. Those are my thoughts.

  5. loudonstearns Says:

    Thank you Asher, I completely agree, Harmony Community Collaboration!

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