“To approach knowledge from the side of not knowing what it is, from the side of one who is learning, not from the that of one who already knows, is mystory.” –Gregory Ulmer, Teletheory


“Mystory” is a new pedagogical genre created by Greg Ulmer in his book Teletheory. It is a response to a suggestion by Hayden White that if the concept of history had been invented, and serious study began, in the twentieth century rather than the nineteenth, the results would be quite different than what they are today.

Mystory is Ulmer’s new approach towards learning in general. A mystory is a website created by each student to explore how they personally relate to the four discourses: career, family, entertainment, and community. The students gain new understanding of their own thinking by finding links between the discourses. The final synthesis of these ideas is represented by a self-created emblem that represents the student, their history, and their method of thinking.

The final product of the mystory is a new approach to learning. An approach that enables them to learn better than they would by following the methods usually propagated within colleges and universities. By learning to learn based on themselves and their own culture rather than the culture of the school, the students gain a deeper understanding of what they’re learning. In addition, this new vantage point towards knowledge aids in thinking about problems and issues in society, a major part of the EmerAgency concept.

The idea behind the mystory comes from Ulmer’s attempt to create electracy and the EmerAgency. Mystory sites enable students to re-evaluate their ways of thinking and then apply that to situations and ideas that the EmerAgency would deal with.


Imaging Place: The Choragraphic Method, John Craig Freeman.


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