Rashomon MyStory Remix – Loudon’s presentation


The Akira Kurosawa classic 1950 movie Rashomon tells four stories of the aftermath of a crime (Wife, Samurai, Thief, and Woodcutter). The stories are very different. Each telling shows the teller’s desire to manipulate their future and their legacy. It is a wonderful commentary on the the nature of history: manipulated by the tellers for their own unique purposes. Please watch the movie, it is an important piece of cinema and cinema history.

Seeing the movie in its original presentation relies on memory to understand the differences between the stories. Your focus is the differences between the stories.

Rashomon MeStory Remix superimposes the previously juxtaposed narratives:

I propose:

  • In “Rashomon” the narratives are juxtaposed. In “Rashomon MyStory Remix” the narratives are superimposed.—Do you agree? Why?
  • When superimposed we are overwhelmed by information. Style becomes the focus. —After watching, what impression are you left with?Are there differences between juxtaposition and superimposition?
  • Rashomon MyStory Remix is fundamentally different than, but built from the narrative and cinematic content of, Rashomon. —What are the uses and needs for remix? What limits should be placed on remix?


A question for the comments: Why is this called the MyStory Remix?

Doc for Critique Notes


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2 Responses to “Rashomon MyStory Remix – Loudon’s presentation”

  1. Augmentationist Interanational Says:

    The Ecstasy of Influence is profound and illuminating! Thanks Loudon.

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