Green Street Cyberarts Gallery


IMG_8394So it turns out that I use the orange line Green Street T station everyday and never noticed the Boston Cyberarts gallery. Finally I realized it was there and saw the Bálint Bolygó exhibit, the other which we saw in class last week. I highly recommend checking out his other works at the Cyberarts gallery. Many of the pieces featured were shown on the video played in the Tufte gallery. My personal favorite is his animation machine, which makes scratches on film and projects them in real time. It’s LITERALLY part of the T station so you can’t miss it.

IMG_8395 IMG_8396 IMG_8397 IMG_8398 IMG_8399


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2 Responses to “Green Street Cyberarts Gallery”

  1. Augmentationist Interanational Says:

    Awesome Asher, Thanks.

  2. loudonstearns Says:

    Thanks for posting this! I was there on Saturday but was afraid to take pictures… My favorite one was the head drawing…

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