Place-based Somatic Augmented Reality as Critical Practice, AR[t] Magazine


By Meredith Drum Issue 4, November 2013

AR[t] Magazine is an initiative of AR Lab, Royal Academy of Art, The Hague


As new augmented reality software has made production more accessible, there has been a surge of mobile AR projects produced by artists interested in place and situation. A notable subset use the virtual to make critical statements about social, cultural and political phenomena tied to, or associated with, a physical location. As new forms of public art, the works engage aspects of a participant’s experience of place generally negated by mobile devices. Exploring the physical setting, the built and natural environment, as well as the events and functions centered there, is often a main goal. The virtual forms point back to the material. Participants are not only asked to actively attend to the spatial and the corporal, they are also invited to consider and enter critical discourse on the history and future of unique spaces — how they are used and might be used.

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