The beauty of an undefinable “New Media”


This post is a kind of reflection, it goes back to the first question we asked in class: What is New Media?

We found it impossible to define. We came up with many common traits, a kind of tag cloud(which may be the best way to define New Media—for now).

I struggled with this unclear definition. I even remember it coming up in a bar-discussion.

I choose, instead, to embrace undefinable, multiplicity, superimposition.

To define is to specialize, to limit, to package, to own, to commodify, to admit to creating in a forum being judged based on traditions I had no part in choosing.

The term “New Media” is being defined, limited, owned, packaged, and commodified(the nature of new words within capitalism) but there will always emerge a new new-media, a new artistic-frontier(the nature of artists within society).

The spirit(meaning) of new media lives beyond the appropriateness of the words “new media”.

What is the spirit of new media artist?

Buckminster Fuller


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