Asher Coffield


Watch the video here.

Video Installation

A series of video vignettes featuring people discussing their scariest film viewing experiences. This piece seeks to discover the root of human fears and reactions, and to show the reflection of one’s past and one’s personalities on their experiences with media. It is an exploration not only in its final form, but from its conception and through the interview process. Revelations are not just granted to the viewers and the filmmaker, but to the interview subjects themselves.


Asher Coffield is a filmmaker without a home. Born in Pusan, South Korea, she spent most of her childhood moving back and forth between Oregon and Thailand. She finally settled in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where she attended Point Park University, majoring in Cinema and Digital Arts  with a concentration in directing. She moved to Boston in 2012 to discover new possibilities in her craft and to experiment with digital media. Her interests include the repurposing of imagery, layered imagery, and visualizing unspoken words and emotions. She also enjoys paracinema and anything ‘spooky’. Asher is currently an MFA student at Emerson College in the Media Arts program.

Artist Statement:

I am fascinated with fear. Fear is such a compelling and complex emotion; it repulses and engages. It leaves us defenseless. It reveals true character and natural instinct. In a sense, fear is the truest of human emotions. In my artwork I seek to explore what’s hidden inside us, our true emotions and the thoughts that we repress.


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