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The beauty of an undefinable “New Media”

December 14, 2013

This post is a kind of reflection, it goes back to the first question we asked in class: What is New Media?

We found it impossible to define. We came up with many common traits, a kind of tag cloud(which may be the best way to define New Media—for now).

I struggled with this unclear definition. I even remember it coming up in a bar-discussion.

I choose, instead, to embrace undefinable, multiplicity, superimposition.

To define is to specialize, to limit, to package, to own, to commodify, to admit to creating in a forum being judged based on traditions I had no part in choosing.

The term “New Media” is being defined, limited, owned, packaged, and commodified(the nature of new words within capitalism) but there will always emerge a new new-media, a new artistic-frontier(the nature of artists within society).

The spirit(meaning) of new media lives beyond the appropriateness of the words “new media”.

What is the spirit of new media artist?

Buckminster Fuller


Collection of articles about Live Visuals

November 12, 2013

Live visuals have become a pervasive component of our contemporary lives; either as visible interfaces that re-connect citizens and buildings overlaying new contextual meaning or as invisible ubiquitous narratives that are discovered through interactive actions and mediating screens. The contemporary re-design of the environment we live in is in terms of visuals and visualizations, software interfaces and new modes of engagement and consumption. This LEA volume presents a series of seminal papers in the fi•eld, off–ering the reader a new perspective on the future role of Live Visuals.


Included is a particularly good article regarding simulating synesthesia.

Art Theory Map

November 1, 2013

Art Theory Map

Rama Hoetzlein made us a delightful data packed diagram. Every aesthetic choice was made with communication of the underlying data as the priority, it seems. I love it. This chart, with its seemingly simple layout, but great depth of information, reminds me of the work of Edward Tufte.  Look at that, Mr. Tufte appears in Rama’s chart in the upper right corner under information visualization, just where he should be.

Rashomon MyStory Remix – Loudon’s presentation

October 23, 2013

The Akira Kurosawa classic 1950 movie Rashomon tells four stories of the aftermath of a crime (Wife, Samurai, Thief, and Woodcutter). The stories are very different. Each telling shows the teller’s desire to manipulate their future and their legacy. It is a wonderful commentary on the the nature of history: manipulated by the tellers for their own unique purposes. Please watch the movie, it is an important piece of cinema and cinema history.

Seeing the movie in its original presentation relies on memory to understand the differences between the stories. Your focus is the differences between the stories.

Rashomon MeStory Remix superimposes the previously juxtaposed narratives:

I propose:

  • In “Rashomon” the narratives are juxtaposed. In “Rashomon MyStory Remix” the narratives are superimposed.—Do you agree? Why?
  • When superimposed we are overwhelmed by information. Style becomes the focus. —After watching, what impression are you left with?Are there differences between juxtaposition and superimposition?
  • Rashomon MyStory Remix is fundamentally different than, but built from the narrative and cinematic content of, Rashomon. —What are the uses and needs for remix? What limits should be placed on remix?


A question for the comments: Why is this called the MyStory Remix?

Doc for Critique Notes

An Argument of Rosler’s

October 19, 2013

booksWhat follows is a lightly edited conversation between John Craig Freeman and Loudon Stearns conducted via e-mail from Sept 30 to Oct 17 2013. 


I would be really interested to hear you lecture/talk about the meaning/role/importance of the curator.


It is best to look at the role of curators in the context of the entirety of the art world, and the art world as a microcosm of the broader culture. Martha Rosler wrote an article back in the 80s titled Lookers, Buyers, Dealers, Makers, [the article starts on page113  of the linked PDF(page 206 of the book)] that was a kind of seminal deconstruction of the market forces that drive “high” culture. My life’s work is fundamentally built around challenging the basic assumptions of the art market, anti-commodity, anti-institutional, etc.

I think that what is important to you guys as graduate students, is that the study of the avant-garde can act as a road map to invention, assuming that you aspire to make an original contribution in your chosen fields.


Times Square call for artists

October 8, 2013

TSqT is seeking artists and curators to make submissions that explore the themes of transformation, systems and exchanges, which characterize both the infrastructure beneath Times Square as well as the cultural life above. The visual artwork must consider a modular design for two sizes of vinyl mesh that will be affixed to the metal fencing used to section of construction areas. Throughout the physical transformation of the Broadway Plazas and Duffy Square, the construction fencing will be moved many times to adjust to the irregularly-shaped areas and moving work orders. As contractors may change the locations of individual fence sections and entire areas at unpredictable times of the night and day, it is necessary that the submissions consider unlimited arrangements of the fencing.

View the entire call for artsts page for more information.

Download the official proposal pdf.

Even if you don’t submit a proposal, looking through the page and pdf will give you a great view into how these types of large scale call for artists are handled, and what is expected of an artist.

First Fridays in Boston

October 3, 2013
Hey everyone, this friday is the first Friday of a month, so there are a ton of  happenings around Boston:
SoWa First Friday, check out all the new work at the galleries in the South End and mingle with artists, gallery owners, and art lovers!
ICA First Friday, have a drink and listen to the guest DJ spin some tunes.
MFA First Friday, mix and mingle with the theme “Think Pink.”

Quartz Composer Absolute Basics

September 30, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-09-29 at 9.36.56 PMQuartz Composer(QC) is a graphical(patching) programming language for processing and rendering images, movies, and 3D spaces. Because of the tight integration with Quick Time, Apple’s operating system, and OpenGL(Apple’s 3D rendering system) Quartz Composer compositions are efficient and playback smoother than some other graphical patching programming languages. (more…)

College Art Association Membership and Fellowships

September 26, 2013


It seems like joining the College Art Association is a necessary for all of us. It is 55$ for students to join, with proof of full time student status. The benefits are quite good. They prepare about two years in advance for all the panels and presentations, so we missed the boat on that. But we should start thinking about a trip to the the 103rd Annual Conference which will take place February 11–14, 2015, in New York. This is perfect for many of us since it will be at the beginning of our final semester here at Emerson, and is in NYC, so it is easy to get to. I also encourage you to look over the CAA fellowships. This is some good money with no strings attached and would look awesome on a resume. Please join up and let us know how the membership process goes for you.

ZiZi the affectionate couch

September 25, 2013

ZiZi is an affectionate couch. A fun shaped furry couch inspired by the set of Barbarella. When she gets attention she is happy and purrs. When bored she tweets to get attention. Fun and interactive. A toy. A study of human nature.