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Wade’s Basement Media Film Festival Entry

December 2, 2013

This experimental music video was part of my creative portfolio for applying to graduate school.  Besides admissions, I have never shown it to anyone except my co-creator Sean. I would appreciate it if you could look through my video description and let me know of any edits that you think I should make. I’m not going to change the video at all at this point but feel free to critique it.  I may come back to it someday.


How you feel is a music video that takes a cliché Rock heroin overdose and remixes it with Dante’s Purgatory to create a new enlightened perspective.


Inspired by and timed to the music of Sean Morceau, How You Feel is a homage to Dante’s Purgatory.  This homage is seen in both the content and the making of How You Feel. In terms of content, the cliché Rock heroin overdose is remixed with the journey through Purgatory. In terms of the making, the process was akin to how Dante wrote the Divine Comedy in Italian and not Latin. At the time of publication, Italian was seen as a “vulgar” language of the masses- it was consumer grade.  How You Feel was made with cheap consumer grade cameras. Including one that was built out of a scanner bought from a thrift store.


Wade’s Presentation

November 19, 2013

Here is the reading for tomorrow:

The People of the Great River

This is the story of the River Tonga People. In 1955 they were removed from their land. They had lived for many generations by the river Zambesi, on both sides of the river. When the Kariba Dam was built, their river became a lake. They were resettled on Inferior land away from the river. No one asked their permission to flood their land and create an artificial lake. Uprooted from their land, they have left behind a way of life and a culture that was built around their closeness to the river. Their story is one of many.


Wade’s Presentation

October 5, 2013

Watch the video on the Native Land, Stop Eject homepage and then peruse the website to check out all of the exhibits.


Please read Native Land, Stop Eject, Conversation between Raymond Depardon and Paul Virilio and Paul Virilio on the Accident.

Also, Hana posted this in the comments:

Exit“, by Diller Scofidio + Renfro, based on an idea of Paul Virilio.

Projection Mapping

September 25, 2013

Per our discussion on this topic a few weeks ago. Here are some excellent examples: