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Chris’ Presentation – Sonic Cartography

November 25, 2013

Acoustic Archives

For my second presentation, we can look more at defining and understanding a space through its sonic qualities…

Acoustic Archives
This group has given themselves the task of “archiving” historic buildings and then releasing their findings for free and public use (check out the video on the homepage):
Through this method, you could place any recorded audio in one of their archived spaces and it will take on the sonic characteristics of that space. This is an interesting venture, especially because sound is so transient by nature. Most spaces created or inhabited in the developed world since the 20th century have been documented visually (i.e. the photograph). Even before that there were drawings and paintings. Relatively few places have been documented in an auditory fashion.

The Aporee website created a platform for users around the world to record their surrounding environments, which are placed geospatially. To some, the sounds may seem mundane, but again we see the idea of sound as a cultural artifact.

Here is some scholarly information regarding sonic cartography:
Cartographic Representation of the Sonic Environment
The piece is rather long, so perhaps just skipping through the Introduction (about 2 1/4 pages) will give you an idea about this field of study.


Chris’ Presentation

October 9, 2013

To prepare the discussion for my project, I would like everyone to start thinking about the relationship between sound and space – more specifically, the sonic events that may have occupied a specific space at a previous time. Perhaps, you can think of a particular space you are fond of (don’t worry, I won’t quiz you on this). Close your eyes and remember your experiences there. What sounds do you hear? How do they define the space for you? How might a stranger hear that same space?

Below are some pieces that address the relationship between a space and sound. Please, don’t feel obligated to read through all of these pages. You may simply skim through them to get an idea and check out the accompanying videos. Also, feel free to post anything that inspires you. Thanks.

Teri Rueb – Drift


The First $100 3D Printer and Scanner

September 25, 2013

I recently came across some information about a new low-cost 3D printer currently in development called the Peachy Printer. The founding company, Rinnovated Design, is running both a Kickstarter and an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for continued R&D. This project is significant because it will bring the ability to print 3D objects to a much wider audience – not only is the initial investment a fraction of the cost of a typical 3D printer, but the Peachy Printer is ultra-portable and uses a low-cost resin for printing (this sounds very pitch-y, huh?). Check out the links below for more information:

Peachy Printer on Kickstarter

Peachy Printer on Indiegogo