Brandon Sichling

Six Wings, World 1, Iteration 1


Six Wings is a forthcoming game in which players live as a heroin-addicted single mother, her young, autism spectrum son, and their neighbor, a registered sex offender.  This iteration follows the boy, Michael, at his after school daycare.  He has to grapple with not only having no control over the space, but also not being able to communicate with the other kids.  This means he has no way to defend himself from bullying.


Brandon L. Sichling makes movies, comics, and video games. He escaped, by degrees (that is, high school and BA) from the Midwest. He grew up in little Monmouth, Illinois, where there was little more to do than play video games.  And so he did.

As he grew up, Brandon found himself watching not only more animation, especially gross and glorious anime, but also indie films and movies from Hollywood’s second Golden Age. This alongside playing more story-driven games like Final Fantasy VII.

Brandon started college thinking he would make those really intelligent kinds of movies with static cameras and insufferably witty dialog. Then he met his wife, an illustrator, who taught him the joy of images, which means bad comic book art now bothers him. Over time, and with the help of experimental film classes, Brandon learned that he liked making images. He made some movies with some camerawork before branching out into other media.

Now Brandon’s working on his first comic book, a memoir (because he’s 25 and that’s a good idea), presenting his first video game at the Transcending Boundaries conference (because queer), and continues to make movies. He’s working on a couple of other projects, but he doesn’t want to jinx them.

Artist Statement:

I want to argue against the usual economics of storytelling: a male, white, well-off, cis main character who masters his own destiny. Those are terrible politics and they harm a lot of people.

My work is about systems, rule sets that provide context and meaning. That might be the oddball structure of my screenplay cribbed from some esoteric magic, or me programming a video game to characterize avatars through player choice. This work appeals to my queer, socialist politics, which I think is a more compassionate way to speak to my audience. Or at least more interesting.


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