Chris Lee

Making Space

Interactive Audio

Making Space is a 12’x 12′ grid supplemented with two speakers. Participants, wearing provided color markers, are invited to enter the area to experience a dynamic sound space.

After experiencing several years of marginal success in the business world, Chris Lee returned to school, to focus on visual and media art- his favorite preoccupation growing up. Although his concentration is in sound design, his interests include film production, video production, animation, photography, programming, and web design. Since enrolling at Emerson College, Chris has worked in location sound as well as in audio post-production for more than twenty projects, including six of his classmates’ thesis projects.

My work is largely inspired by the concept of memory. I believe we are merely the sum of our memories, individually and collectively. I am often troubled by the thought that once a moment has passed, it cannot be relived in nearly the same capacity. The act of recalling an event is never as immersive as the initial experience, and as time passes, our recollection loses detail, immediacy, and accuracy. While my artistic ambitions are not as lofty as preserving every detail of a memory, I would like to more effectively transport an observer to a given feeling or moment.

For me, computer technology provides the perfect platform for my craft. It adeptly and elegantly acts as a bridge between the mind and the mouth. Within the digital realm, nothing is ever lost. It is consumed, combined, and transformed. A single idea can be represented in a thousand different ways and reach an audience of millions. The challenge I see is making digital art more affective and more engaging.


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