Danilo Chaves

Synesthetic Mask

Video glass in a mask with embedded motion sensors that controls wirelessly a video-camera mounted on top of two servo motors.


The Synesthetic Mask combines motion sensors, mechatronic elements, visual programming, video projection, and a software modified live camera feed to simulate states of Sound-to-Color Synesthesia.

Artist Biography:
Born in Brasilia, Brazil amidst a cultural revolution, I grew up watching the outbreak of some of the most famous pop-rock bands in Brazil. Since the beginning, music and technology has been an intrinsic part of who I am. In music, besides attaching myself to a couple genres, I was always experimenting with different tonalities, and rhythms, always exploring the emerging technologies and trying new approaches to my art. May my music be labeled as jazz, samba, rock’n’roll, pop music, new age, choro? Who cares? I’m not so much after innovation than music focusing on beauty and spontaneity. I have in front of me a new world rife with possibilities. My north star is the notion that “Two colors give us a third”: the point is neither a style nor other, but their relationship, as they merge in the present moment, here and now.

Artist Statement:
Spontaneity is the power that propels my personal quest to discover new ways of self-expression, and music and technology are the catalyst. I like to think of both, music and technology,  as the fusion of abstract elements connected to our daily experiences and emotions. Things that are not always tangible, but part of our reality. This is the core of my experience as an artist. In a world defined by specificity, I flirt with mixtures. For that, the senses becomes my color pallet. And I paint with the colors that better reflect my state of mind. For me, the sensorial elements are just the bridge connecting different worlds. The one I come from and the one I’m getting to know.


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