Hannah Engelson

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Mixed media

Degrees of Connection examines an artist experience of social relationships. The experience begins with a person, who leads the artist to another person, who leads the artist to another. In this manner the artist is taken on a journey through social networks. The journey is represented through audio interviews accessed through QR codes and the artist’s perspective is represented through visual and written documentation.




Hannah is interested in telling the stories of others as a documentarian and visual journalist. She began her work as a photojournalist covering sports, political campaigns and local events for newspapers. She earned a BA in Arts and Humanities focusing on film studies, journalism and new media and is continuing her work as a MFA candidate in Media Arts.

Artist Statement:

I love documenting people. I love the goofy, passionate, timid, and the unexpected, and will use whatever tools will get the job done: photography, video, audio, text, code.

I have the sensibility of a photojournalist. I’m curious, but will patiently wait for the right moment, the right light, the right expression. Beautiful stories are out there, and I strive to put myself in the right space to witness and document.

From the other side of a lens I’ve documented everything from President Obama to a man suffering from paranoid schizophrenia; from an aging jazz artist to people fast asleep.

I feel I am an unbiased observer, not out of loyalty to an industry standard, but because I have learned, somewhat, to see the way my camera sees, noticing everything, but making no judgments. I believe that despite different circumstances, any individual is as worthy as any other of our respect and consideration.  There is something to be learned from everyone, if we are open to what they teach.

For this reason, I aim to document individuals. Through them you can discover the whole world, their world.


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