Loudon Stearns


Rashomon Arcade Remix

Upright arcade game

Housed within a classic arcade enclosure, this remix enables the audience to seamlessly switch between the four stories of Akira Kurosawa’s 1950 classic “Rashomon.”

For Loudon, the years from 1979 to 1997 were filled with computers and musical instruments. Working with his father, Loudon built computers and electric basses from pieces, programmed computers, and learned to play the blues. These two themes, technology and music, would prove to be the foundation for his professional and artistic career.


Loudon’s four years at Berklee College of Music were divided between bass performance and music composition. He composed traditional scores for jazz bands, rock bands, and orchestras, but his use of unusual harmony and multilinear forms hinted at a future creating conceptual art.

Now an associate professor within the Contemporary Writing and Production department at Berklee and a course author for Berklee’s online school, he prepares students for a future within a technology-laden music industry.

While music is obviously a cornerstone of Loudon’s career, his recent pieces are conceptual interactive installations incorporating photography, programming, sound design, and performance for audiences in galleries and electronic music venues.

I am first a musician. The joy of performance is intertwined with a fascination: how do simple physical vibrations evoke specific human emotions? That grows into a network of questions already mapped by artists, scientists, and engineers before me.

Some of these questions can be explored through music, but there are fundamental concepts true across all mediums. So, I work with sound, code, language, image, performance, and sculpture in an attempt to understand those fundamentals: form, physics, consciousness, perception, technology, and emotion are unavoidable themes in my conceptual art.

I present to you an experience; through your interaction it becomes art: an eternal work-in-progress, an evolving network of meaning—creating with you is an honor and a blessing.


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