Nick Corsano

Analog Intermediate


How has the shift from analog to digital media influenced production and distribution? “Analog Intermediate” plays with this question by inverting the modern reliance on digital media. The installation piece creates an environment that resists the contemporary tendency to obscure the labor and physical practices integral to the creative process.

This new media sculpture incorporates a variety of media, moving from digital to analog to digital. Influenced by the kinetoscope, the copper structure distributes 100 feet of 16mm film.

Shot on digital, printed to 16 mm film, hand-processed, and distributed through a digital cinema camera, the resulting visuals illustrate the influence of media forms.

Nicholas is a freelance director of photography and artistic/maker based in Boston, MA.
All of Nicholas’ projects utilize his technical knowledge to push the limits of his artistic vision, painting with light, color and depth. His most recent projects have explored cultural conceptions of nudity and the chemistry of baking.

Though Nicholas works primarily with video, he has experimented with alternative media as well. His latest creation, a multimedia sculpture, incorporates film, copper tubing, and a projector into a project translating digital media into an analog intermediate.

In 2012 Nicholas graduated cum laude from Southern Connecticut State University with a B.S. in communications and a minor in film studies. He is currently in his second year of Emerson College’s M.F.A. program in Media Art.

Artist Statement:
People like to say they dream in color – well, my dreams have always been more elaborate than that. I dream in shapes, textures, and shadows. Creating new combinations of light, depth, and movement is my passion. My art, whether as director, director of photography, or pure creator, serves this goal.

The term “director of photography” characterizes much, though not all, of my work. I prefer the term “maker” – the limitless possibilities of the term allow me the freedom to explore, both in alternative methodologies and alternative media.

I work primarily in video, using my technical expertise to push the limits of any artistic vision. However, my interest in the technological history of video has also led me to incorporate film and other analog media.


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