Samira Norouz Nasseri

Small Family Crimes (16 minutes)

triptych video installation

The middle screen displays the home videos of the artist while the left and right screens display the artist talking with her parents via Skype. The structure of “look” in the piece, connects past and present and suggests the complex structure of power dynamics within the nuclear family. Through interaction between different screens, fictions are shaped. Stories/histories that are left to the work of imagination.

Born in 1989 in Tehran, Samira Norouz Nasseri is a filmmaker from Iran who makes fiction and experimental films. Through experimental storytelling her films investigate how an individual’s identity is affected by the ways in which power dynamics work in nuclear family structure. She received her BA in film from Art University of Tehran and currently is a MFA Fellow in the Media Art program at Emerson College.


Artist Statement:
I am interested in exploring my home videos in order to capture the ways in which power dynamics work within a nuclear family unit. Home videos provide us with a way to define ourselves and how we want to be seen by others, but in order to explore these videos one needs to go beyond the visible. Somewhere between images of our family, lie untold stories and secrets. Through deconstructing and reconstructing my home videos in new contexts I intend to reveal these secrets, which are both personal and universal at the same time. My art making is a recreation of my father’s family archive that constructs our memories somewhere between documentary and fiction.


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