6:04 interFACE ARTcade

Venue: Jackie Liebergott Black Box Theatre, Emerson College

Address: 559 Washington St, Boston, MA

Date: Thursday, December 12, 2013

Time: 6:04 to 8:00 pm


This exhibition of physical media art is a re-imagining of the arcade. From 19th century arched promenades to the cabinet king of the 1980s, we have formed the next step in a progression: An interactive space where one can meander through context and meaning, a space where the interface of physical and digital creates a medium through which perceptions can be changed. Welcome to the interFACE ARTcade.

Samira Norouz Nasseri, Chris Lee, Nick Corsano, Richard Kimbrough, Danilo Chaves, Asher Coffield, Hannah Engelson, Emily Hofelich, Loudon Stearns, Brandon Sichling, NonDuo


This exhibition was made possible with support from Emerson College, the Department of Visual and Media Arts, and Arts Emerson.

View the photo stream.



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