Richard Kimbrough


Analog Game

An engagement game for understanding the principles of flood predictability. UpRiver is a multi-phase game (physical and digital) that enables communication and flood prediction for people living in high-risk areas along major rivers. The physical game teaches the principles of flood prediction. The digital game lets players use SMS-enabled cell phones to report, predict, and gather information about the current and future water level of the river, local to them. Learn more about UpRiver.

The above video is of the first play test of phase II of UpRiver. Phase II is a hybrid between the analog and digital game. This took place at the interFACE ARTcade.

The above video shows the rules and the participatory design process for phase I of the game. Phase I is the analog version of the game. The game and participatory design process took place in Zambia in August of 2013.

After earning his BA in 2005, Richard Kimbrough focused predominately on screenwriting. His pursuit in this field culminated in the writing and production of “Forever”- a short film, which played in the Short Film Corner at the Cannes Film Festival in 2007. From 2007-2011 Richard moved away from writing and focused primarily on experimental digital video production. Richard’s latest pursuit involves exploring the idea of the Accident with games and play. Richard is a candidate for a MFA in Media Art at Emerson College in Boston. His background in media began as an undergraduate at Brandeis University where he studied film theory / criticism, journalism, creative writing, and screenwriting.

Artist Statement:
Influenced by the philosophy of the Accident, my work is meant to be a meditation on how our perception of disasters is enframed by modern technology. Drawing from my life experience I try to create with a phenomenological faith and a sacred inspiration. The basis of my phenomenological beliefs predominantly stem from the writings of Paul Virilio and Martin Heidegger while my inspiration from the sacred stems from my teachers and my chosen lineages.


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